Buffalo will have to wait

We’re No. 51

The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require the four major television networks and TV stations in the 50 largest markets to report details on political advertising that will be posted in the FCC website. Buffalo-Niagara Falls turns out to be the 51st largest market, meaning stations in WNY are among 160 smaller markets that have until July 2014 to comply.

The near-term objective is to promote transparency regarding the estimated $3.2 billion that is expected to be spent on TV advertising this election year. But the new rule requires disclosure of all political advertising, including air time purchased for candidates at the state and local level.

TV stations are presently required to track political advertising and make it available to the public. But to look at the info, members of the press and public have to physically go to the stations. Now it will be only a mouse click away.

The rule has a big loophole, however.

Stations can provide the information in a format of their choosing and it will not be available in a searchable format. That seems to violate the spirit of the initiative, but it’s probable some news organization will take the raw info off the FCC website and convert it into a searchable format.

The race is on

Is it too early to start counting Electoral College votes? The Huffington Post thinks not.

HuffPost this past week unveiled a nifty interactive map of the 2012 presidential election that will be updated over the course of the campaign. based on polling data.  Political junkies might consider bookmarking it.

The current snapshot has Barack Obama at 269 Electoral College votes, just one shy of the finish line. Mitt Romney has 170. Another 99 votes are considered a toss up.

Take his word for it

There’s hype and then there’s HYPE! Then there’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press office.

During his 16 months in office, Cuomo’s press releases have referred to no newer than 80 historic actions by the governor, reports The New York Times.

Sometimes the accomplishments seemed destined for some history books, like the legalization of same-sex marriage. But the governor has called a loan program for energy-efficient home improvements historic, as well as the creation of a new application process for economic development grants. The establishment of a Medicaid spending commission? That was historic, too.

The hyperbole only reinforces a widely held perception of Cuomo’s perceived self-importance.

Sing it again, Bruce

One of the most powerful songs Bruce Springsteen performed in Buffalo earlier this month was “Death To My Hometown.” Here’s a performance taped last year at the Apollo Theater.

Check back Monday.