Double your money with iPost donation

To quote Ringo Star, “It don’t come easy.”

To which we’ll add, “Or cheap.”

Investigative reporting, that is.

Investigative Post does the costly, time-consuming reporting that most local news outlets shy away from because, well, it’s difficult and expensive. The payoff is when we first break major stories and later see change come as a result.

The power of our reporting was on full display this summer when a Manhattan jury convicted Alain Kaloyeros, Louis Ciminelli and two Syracuse-based developers on corruption charges. The federal probe that lead to the filing of charges was triggered by reporting done by Investigative Post.

Then there was a decision in January by city officials to eliminate a special police unit whose bully boy tactics were previously documented by Investigative Post.

You get the picture. We’re telling the stories that need to be told, stories that otherwise would not have been reported.

We’re able to do this work because of the financial support we receive from the community. Fundraising is a year-round undertaking for nonprofits like Investigative Post. Like most nonprofits, the months of November and December are especially important, as it’s our primary fundraising season.

This year, it’s also a time when donors can double their money when they contribute to support our operations.

Investigative Post is once again participating in NewsMatch, funded by a consortium of seven national foundations, which is matching one-time donations or the annual value of monthly donations made through Dec. 31.

In other words, NewsMatch doubles the value of your donation of up to $1,000. NewsMatch will match up to $25,000, money that we’ll use to sustain and grow our operation.

While we garner significant financial support from foundations and major donors, contributions from smaller donors add up and are essential to our long-term sustainability. No donation is too small.

For example, a recurring membership for as little as $5 per month earns admission, including a free beer, to our monthly social at Community Beer Works. A $10 monthly membership also earns free admission to our “At Issue” event series which features panel discussions, interviews with newsmakers and presentations by our reporters on major stories they’ve done.

One-time donations are, of course, also welcome. You can donate online with a credit card, or with a check mailed to us at 487 Main St., Suite 300, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203.

Regardless, please consider giving. Doing so will enable Investigative Post to continue our important work in service to the community.