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We’re looking for volunteers in the following areas: research, statistical analysis, writing, photography, videography, website management, clerical, e-mail management, fund-raising and event management. And probably all points in-between.

Right now, we’re especially interested in researchers, photographers and those with expertise in fund-raising.

If you have the time and talent, please send us an e-mail telling us how you’d like to help, the particular skills you have and your phone number. A resume would be helpful, but not necessary.

Submit news tips

We treat all tips in the strictest of confidence. It’s helpful to include a phone number, and attach relevant documents. Keep in mind our focus is on investigations and analysis, as opposed to breaking news. Here’s the tip form.

Submit photos

We’re building our archives from scratch and are in need of professional quality photos related to our key topic areas, including government and politics, the economy and the environment.

We’re especially interested in photos of public officials, business and community leaders and other news makers. (Politicians and other public figures, feel free to submit your official portraits.) Also major public facilities, anything from City Hall to the Peace Bridge, and other landmarks, be it an office building or theater.

If you believe your photo may have news value, please send it, but be selective in what you submit. And please, no photos of your cat or last night’s sunset.

Here’s the submit form.


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We welcome reader comments on our work. We aim for civil discourse. Here’s our rules for commenting.

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Jim Heaney, Investigative Post’s editor and executive director, is available to talk to groups of 25 or more. Contact him here.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. Your tax-deductible donation is especially important as we launch Investigative Post. Your support will enable us to hire reporters and otherwise build our newsroom, and to work with our university partners to build an education program to train today’s journalism students to be tomorrow’s muckrakers. Here’s the link.