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Heaney talks Buffalo Billion with Fred Dicker

Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney discusses his story on suppression of state documents with New York Post political columnist Fred Dicker. Interview aired Friday, Dec. 26, on Talk 1300 in Albany. Interview starts at 18:15 and runs through 55:51.

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Air pollution a major killer

Air pollution killed 7 million worldwide last year, the World Health Organization reports. Put another way: dirty air is associated with one in eight deaths. While the problem is more prevalent in rapidly developing Third World nations, we in WNY deal with the problem, as well. A story from the New York Times.


Sheldon Silver is no liberal

He’s been protecting male lawmakers who sexually harass female employees for years. Now comes a report that the Assembly speaker has used his influence to thwart development that would have brought low-income residents to Silver’s neighborhood. A report from The New York Times.


Tonawanda Coke sentence

A federal court judge Wednesday fined Tonawanda Coke $12.5 million and ordered it to underwrite studies that will cost the company up to an additional $12.2 million. The plant’s retired manager was sentenced to a year in prison. Some criticize the punishment as lenient. A report from The Buffalo News.


Might tribes lead way on marijuana reform?

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is moving towards legalizing marijuana. Morgan Pehme of City and State NY wonders aloud if tribes here might follow suit. “Growing and selling marijuana on Indian reservations could provide a massive windfall for New York’s economically depressed tribes,” he writes.


Censorship grows under Obama

The Associated Press confirms what many working reporters already know: the federal government is using the pretext of national security to deny a growing number of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act. Secrecy at the federal level is part of a trend throughout government to thwart the public’s right to know.


Revelations from the Snowden files

“Intercept,” the first online publication produced by the partnership involving Pierre Omidyar and Glenn Greenwald, serves up this troubling report: “Western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction.”


Schumer’s undisclosed link to Comcast deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer is good with Comcast’s pending purchase of Time-Warner. Would it have something to do with the fact his brother helped put the deal together? A report from our friends at Little Sis.