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Clearing the Delaware North HQ site

Demolition crews are in the home stretch of work to clear the northwest corner of Delaware Avenue and Chippewa Street for construction of new corporate headquarters for Delaware North. The project involves at least $10.6 million in tax breaks for the project developer, Uniland, and Delaware North, which will be the building’s primary tenant.


Heaney’s take on IBM announcement

Gov. Cuomo’s announcement of a $55 million state investment to attract IBM to downtown Buffalo is pricey, but less so than the two previous Buffalo Billion projects that have been rolled out, Investigative Post editor tells WGRZ.


60 Minutes critical of Soraa investor Khosla

Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who was the subject of a controversial 60 Minutes program that aired Sunday, is a chief investor in one of the two cleantech companies moving here under the Buffalo Billion program. Soraa, which makes LED lighting, lists Khosla Ventures as one of its three top investors. Khosla Ventures general partner Samir Kaul is a member of Soraa’s board […]


Yahoo gets $200M tax break in Lockport

The tax breaks for the Yahoo data center in Lockport just keep coming. The Lockport IDA on Thursday granted the company a sales tax waiver on equipment purchases for the next 20 years. This is but the latest in tax breaks granted by IDA officials. A report from The Buffalo News.


Heaney talks subsidies on WBFO

Investigative Post editor tells Eileen Buckley on Press Pass that the clean energy initiative at Riverbend represents progress, but is not the panacea that project proponents are claiming. He also expressed concern that many subsidized projects, including planned Uniland-Delaware North building in downtown Buffalo, do little to build the region’s tax base.


Moody’s cautious on Buffalo Billion investment

An analysis by the influential rating service on the clean energy project recently announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo concludes: “The long-term impact to the region may be limited … The clean technology industry is relatively volatile … and its ability to jumpstart a struggling post-industrial economy is untested.” A report from State of Politics.


Subsidies in NY have doubled since 2010

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tax commission has determined that corporate tax breaks totaled $1.8 billion last year. “If you eliminated all the credits, you could cut business taxes enormously for everybody,” one official told the New York Daily News.  


Delaware North’s endless subsidies

Those upset by the prospect of Delaware North Companies receiving public subsidies to move into new office space are 13 years and some $4 million too late. The company has been receiving public assistance since it moved into its present headquarters at Key Center in 2000. Sales and property tax breaks, some of which continue […]