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EPA investigating Battaglia Demolition

The federal Environmental Protection Agency confirmed Tuesday that it’s investigating Battaglia Demolition for potential environmental violations. The EPA investigation comes less than a month after Investigative Post reported how residents on Peabody Street and elsewhere in the Seneca Babcock community have complained for a decade about quality of life problems they blame on the construction […]


Asthma epidemic near Peace Bridge

An Investigative Post report produced in partnership with WGRZ has found a strong link between Peace Bridge pollution, especially diesel truck fumes, and high asthma rates in the neighborhood adjacent to the bridge. An analysis of scientific studies and other data shows asthma rates on the Lower West Side are about four times the national average and residents with asthma can be […]


Chemical industry stymies health regulations

Under pressure from the chemical industry, the EPA is holding off on issuing regulations to ban a chemical compound commonly found in tap water that may cause cancer. A report from the Center for Public Integrity.


Ups and downs of Lisa Jackson’s tenure

Lisa Jackson’s announcement today that she is retiring as head of the Environmental Protection Agency guarantees she won’t be revisiting her plan to limit smog in 2013 after President Obama shoved it to the side more than a year ago. For Jackson, her tenure has had its ups and downs. Jackson was successful in creating the […]


Hyundai, Kia lose a few miles per gallon

The EPA has discovered that Hyundai and Kia inflated the miles per gallon on many of the 2012 and 2013 models, prompting the car maker to modify the numbers. The cars with the inflated MPG numbers — more than 11 models — will get new window stickers that show the corrected estimates. Most vehicles  will […]


4 billion gallons of sewage goes where?

Buffalo is one of the few Great Lakes cities that doesn’t have an EPA-approved long-term control plan that takes advantage of green technologies for its wastewater. And mayors across the nation—minus Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and a bunch of others—were in the nation’s capital last week to discuss how the federal regulations will cost municipalities billions […]