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Great Lakes restoration success stories

Of the four federally funded Great Lakes restoration projects in Western New York, none is as big as the cleanup of the Buffalo River. The nonprofit group Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition created a map with details of each of the projects across the Great Lakes. Roughly $44 million will be spent on removing decades […]


Lake Erie’s “50 and 2 Rule”

Lake Erie holds 2 percent of the water but 50 percent of the fish. That may be a rough estimate, but the director of Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory told Michigan Public Radio that the “50 and 2 Rule” is an example of how each of the five lakes have their own unique characteristics.


Cuomo muddies the waters on Gallagher Beach

A month-and-a-half ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared his intent to open Gallagher Beach near the South Buffalo – Lackawanna border for public swimming. Congressman Brian Higgins is pushing to open the beach as soon as next summer. Not so fast, concluded an analysis by Erie County’s former senior public health engineer. He concluded opening Gallagher Beach for […]


Troubled waters at Gallagher Beach?

Opening Gallagher Beach for swimming is “probably impractical from a public health standpoint” because of stormwater pollution, sediment contamination and neighboring toxic sites, a consultant for the Erie County Health Department has concluded. The consultant’s analysis, obtained under the Freedom of Information Law, and subsequent reporting by Investigative Post raises serious concerns about a plan […]


Q&A: Mark Poloncarz

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has emerged as a leading critic of local economic development practices. Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney interviewed Poloncarz on April 2 to discuss his concerns in-depth. A 4 minute, 8 second video clip featuring the highlights of that interview is posted above. The full 21 minute, 37 second interview is posted […]


Asian carp invasion of Great Lakes looms

By Justin Sondel Two boys stood at the end of a dock off the shore of Grand Island on a hot day last July casting fishing lines into the shallow water, time after time pulling up small rock bass from the edges of the Niagara River. The boys are Parker and Connor Cinelli, two of […]


Lack of ice in Great Lakes threatens economy, ecology

There is less ice cover on the Great Lakes, which poses numerous economic and ecological problems, scientists say. The map above is a snapshot of the Great Lakes for January 17, showing very little ice cover so far. Normally, Lake Erie would be iced over by the second week of February. For example, watch this […]


Seiche caused low water levels

People took to Facebook and Twitter Wednesday wondering why water levels for Lake Erie and its tributaries were abnormally low. I thought I was going to have to make calls today to meteorologists and other weather experts to explain what happened, but our partners at WGRZ did it for us. Channel 2 WGRZ discovered that a […]