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Heaney talks stonewalling with WBFO

Investigative Post editor tells Eileen Buckley on Press Pass that government at all levels – local, state and federal – is becoming increasingly hostile to the public’s right to know. Heaney cites numerous examples of officials refusing interview requests and delaying the release of public records.

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Heaney talks politics on WBFO

It’s not too early to talk about a post-Brown Buffalo, given speculation that Gov. Cuomo may be looking for a new running mate next year. Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney discusses the possibilities with Eileen Buckley on “Press Pass,” along with what he said is the “very poor quality” of elected officials across the region.

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Buffalo’s disappearing Democrats

Four years ago, Mickey Kearns lost the Democratic primary for mayor in a landslide. He garnered 14,866 votes. Earlier this month, Byron Brown won the Democratic primary for mayor in a landslide. He received 14,433 votes. In other words, more people voted for Kearns four years ago than for Brown this year. That’s what happens […]


Fact checking the Buffalo mayoral debate

Jim Heaney examined the words and numbers expressed by Byron Brown, Bernie Tolbert and Sergio Rodriguez regarding the local economy during Wednesday’s mayoral debate. The bottom line: Tolbert and Rodriguez were generally accurate, while Brown made several claims that were unsubstantiated.  


Buffalo Housing Court fines: Progress and problems

City Hall’s belated effort to collect $22 million in unpaid Housing Court fines is coming up empty. A dry run by a collections agency hired by the city earlier this year that sought about $430,000 from deadbeat court defendants yielded only $59 in fine payments, according to City Comptroller Mark Schroeder. That experience prompted city […]


Brown challenger off to decent fundraising start

It’s been a foregone conclusion that Mayor Byron Brown would continue to raise oodles of money in pursuit of a third term as mayor. The question has been whether his challengers would be able to raise enough money to mount a serious challenge. Brown’s two challengers – Bernie Tolbert, a Democrat, and Sergio Rodriguez, a […]


Progress and broken promises

Buffalo’s modest recycling rate is up, but Mayor Byron Brown has not followed up on his pledge to hire a coordinator and contract with a firm to promote recycling education.


Recycling excuses

Editor’s note: Investigative Post reported last November on Buffalo’s anemic recycling program. The story prompted a pledge by Mayor Byron Brown to take steps to bolster the recycling rate. Investigative Post follows up to see what the city has done. Coming soon: An update on recycling efforts in Buffalo public schools. Mayor Byron Brown’s administration […]