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Heaney talks Peace Bridge on WBFO

Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney discusses the ongoing political drama regarding the Peace Bridge on “Press Pass.”

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Cuomo’s take on dissolving the Peace Bridge Authority

Jerry Zremski of The Buffalo News explains Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s thinking on why he thinks the state can unilaterally dissolve the authority.


Peace Bridge bill may be DOA

I suspect a number of newspaper readers and television viewers surmise that the Peace Bridge Authority is about to go bye-bye as a result of Wednesday’s approval by the state Legislature of a bill that would dissolve the authority that operates the Peace Bridge next year unless its governing board acts in accordance with state […]


Sizing up impact of Peace Bridge bill

Jim Heaney fields questions from Athan Kompos of WGRZ about about the bill passed earlier this week by the state Legislature that purportedly lays the legal groundwork for a dissolution of the Peace Bridge Authority. Heaney cautioned that passage of the bill doesn’t necessarily mean the authority will disband.  


Fact checking Cuomo on the Peace Bridge

Raw interview footage of Jim Heaney answering questions from WGRZ’s Michael Wooten and Jeff Preval about latest developments involving the Peace Bridge.


Half-hearted effort to inform Peace Bridge neighbors

Seven days ago the state’s point person for the Peace Bridge gateway project said her team was busy translating handouts and power-point presentations in anticipation of Tuesday’s meeting, when the public would see the road plans for the first time. “The handouts, boards and power point are being worked on as we speak. Some will […]


Peace Bridge neighbors to finally see some plans

Buffalo’s West Side residents will get their first opportunity to see and comment on plans for what the state is calling the “NY Gateway Connections Improvement Project to the U.S. Peace Bridge Plaza.” That’s a clever name for a project that involves work on roads leading to and from the plaza, rather than expansion of […]


“A lesson in diplomacy”

Senior Canadian official responds to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attacks over Peace Bridge. “The letter manages to be both polite and dismissive,” reports the New York Times.