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Tonawanda Coke settles civil case for $12M

Federal prosecutors and environmental regulators hailed Monday’s $12 million civil settlement with Tonawanda Coke as a “tremendous environmental victory.” The company will spend $8 million on pollution control upgrades at its century-old plant on River Road. Tonawanda Coke also will hire a third party environmental expert to audit its operations for additional safety and environmental […]


Tonawanda Coke sentence

A federal court judge Wednesday fined Tonawanda Coke $12.5 million and ordered it to underwrite studies that will cost the company up to an additional $12.2 million. The plant’s retired manager was sentenced to a year in prison. Some criticize the punishment as lenient. A report from The Buffalo News.


Tonawanda Coke neighbors voice concerns

Residents breathing air by Tonawanda Coke were put at risk for years because the company released dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals. Preliminary residential soil tests also turned up contamination. The company and an employee were convicted last year. Residents, some with cancer, want a portion of the fines for comprehensive studies. A story from WGRZ.


Telvock on Tonawanda Coke explosion

Shredd & Ragan of 103.3, The Edge, spoke with Investigative Post’s Dan Telvock about his exclusive reporting of events surrounding the Jan. 31 explosion and fire at Tonawanda Coke.

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Higgins calls out Tonawanda Coke

Congressman Brian Higgins, following up on an Investigative Post report about Tonawanda Coke suppressing information about Jan. 31 explosion at its plant, takes the company to task. Tonawanda Coke initially claimed no one was injured in blast until iPost reported at least one worker had been injured.


Tonawanda Coke many times over

Jessica Bagley of the Tonawanda News has done a top-notch story on the business dealings of JD Crane, owner of Tonawanda Coke. “The result is shockingly consistent — a string of broken laws and broken promises that add up to millions spent cleaning up mess after mess Crane left behind.”


Tonawanda Coke: Guilty as charged

In only the second prosecution of its type in the nation, Tonawanda Coke and one of its managers is found guilty on most charges involving the release of toxic pollutants into a neighborhood that is suffering from high cancer rates. A report from WGRZ, including Dan Telvock of Investigative Post.