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Buffalo will have to wait

We’re No. 51 The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require the four major television networks and TV stations in the 50 largest markets to report details on political advertising that will be posted in the FCC website. Buffalo-Niagara Falls turns out to be the 51st largest market, meaning stations in WNY are among 160 […]


Agent provocateur for our times

Julian Assange resurfaces The WikiLeaks founder, still under house arrest despite not being charged with a crime, has launched a television interview program called The World Tomorrow.  That prompted The New York Times to take another shot at Assange, while Salon’s Glenn Greenwald rose to his defense. Judge for yourself. Here is the first show, […]


Superheroes, mere mortals and corporations

Planes, trains and automobiles Bruce Fisher has an interesting read this week in Artvoice regard U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins’ call for $1.25 trillion in spending to repair the nation’s infrastructure. With luck, Higgins and his buildup plan could become the national counter to Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The proposal is bound to encounter resistance, […]


Weekend News Cafe: Hydrofracking, muckraking & rock ‘n’ roll

A muckraking columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times is both thoughtful and provocative. Consider two recent columns. First, his take on a couple of studies of all the chemical junk fed to the animals that are the source of our meat. My topic today is a pair of new scientific studies suggesting that […]


Weekend News Cafe

Toles the blogger You call know Tom Toles the editorial cartoonist. Tom, a member of the Investigative Post board of directors, also blogs for the Washington Post. Which is to say, he’s a busy guy. Tom’s blog post on Friday takes on what he sees as the right wing’s end game. The time bomb is […]


Weekend News Cafe

The NYPD, people of color and the Buffalo connection Reports that New York City police have been spying on Muslims in the Buffalo area – without notifying the feds – fits a pattern that is coming under increasing criticism. The NYPA has an aggressive stop-and-frisk policy in NYC that targets men of color. Reports The […]


Weekend News Cafe

Only tweaking the status quo Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked the talk – on pensions and redistricting, in particular – but pulled a St. Bonaventure and came up short at crunch time this past week. The New York Times provides a good analysis. What’s most striking: State employees can still pad their pensions by working a […]


Weekend News Cafe

Weekends are not high traffic days for most news websites and Investigative Post did not update our first two weekends. But we’re going to experiment with something we call “Weekend News Cafe,” in which we’ll post interesting reads we’ve come across over the past week and a video or two that might prove of interest. […]