Mapping spread of Great Lakes invasive species

News and analysis by Dan Telvock, Investigative Post's environmental reporter

Ever wonder how fast invasive species can spread throughout the Great Lakes?

Look no further.

The Nature Conservancy developed a series of time lapse maps that show the shocking, rapid spread of the different types of invasive species. Zebra and quagga mussels, round goby and sea lamprey are the chief invaders in Western New York.

“A 2012 report by Anderson Economic Group commissioned by The Nature Conservancy revealed that it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to control aquatic invasive species,” The Nature Conservancy states on its website.

“Industries like sport and commercial fishing, water treatment, power generation and tourism are all affected by this threat.”

There are six maps on the website, including one for Asian carp, an invasive species that has garnered a lot of attention from environmentalists and legislators.