Goodyear’s emissions a concern

Investigative Post and WGRZ continue their coverage of the potential risk air pollution poses to residents in Niagara County.

We reported Monday that the risk to public health from air pollution released from chemical and industrial plants, most of them in or around Niagara Falls, is higher in Niagara County than in nine out of every 10 counties across the United States where emissions are reported to the federal government.

In Tuesday’s report, we focus on Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. The plant’s emissions, which include two carcinogenic chemicals, account for nearly half the county’s risk score. Goodyear’s risk score is higher than the combined scores of the 10 worst-polluting companies operating in the Tonawanda area, including Tonawanda Coke. Yet Goodyear’s emissions are well below the limits set by environmental regulators.

Complete details can be found in our story that published Monday on and in a story being published Thursday in Artvoice.