State says lower Riverbend goal being met

The state released figures Monday related to the employment of minority construction workers at the SolarCity plant that they had previously refused to disclose.

The release follows a report last week by Investigative Post that showed it was unclear whether the project’s diversity hiring goals were being met.

Those figures show that minorities have done 16.2 percent of work on the site from the start of construction in May 2014 through July this year, based on the number of hours worked. Investigative Post had earlier reported that minorities made up 6 percent of the workforce from the start of construction through March of this year, based on state records which track each contractor’s employees by headcount.

We also reported that the diversity goals had been lowered from 25 to 15 percent. Brown today said that while he would have liked to see higher diversity goals at Riverbend, establishing those goals was ultimately a matter for LPCiminelli and the construction unions.