State rejects Cheektowaga’s sewer plan, again

For the second time in five years, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has rejected Cheektowaga’s plan to reduce sewer overflows into Scajaquada Creek and other local waterways.

The DEC says the town’s latest plan does not adequately address a core problem, the diversion of runoff into the sewage system from downspouts and sump pumps. One town council member, however, maintains that some of the blame lies with the DEC for taking three months to respond to the proposed plan.

Scajaquada Creek Sewer Overflows

A dead animal in Scajaquada Creek this summer.

As the two sides square off, Scajaquada Creek remains the real victim.

Investigative Post this year has documented a dozen dead fish, birds and other animals at a gruesome section of Scajaquada Creek near Hoyt Lake. The badly polluted creek gets pounded by more than a half-billion gallons of sewer overflows each year by antiquated systems in the town and the City of Buffalo.