Unlike mayor, Council poised to act on lead

Three Buffalo Common Council members, responding to an Investigative Post story that aired Monday on WGRZ, said Tuesday they are willing to collaborate with Erie County health officials to address the city’s serious lead problem. Council President Darius Pridgen is among those who vowed action.

Passing legislation and certifying city inspectors to detect hazards inside homes were mentioned as possible steps. The response of Council members contrasts with Mayor Mayor Brown, who said Monday he was satisfied with leaving the task of lead detection to the county.

Although the mayor expressed a willingness last summer to discuss how the city and county might work more closely on the lead issue, he has not responded to a request from state and county health officials to meet.

Team reporting by Dan Telvock of Investigative Post and Dave McKinley of WGRZ. Telvock has been developing the story since his first report in November 2014.