Podcast: Dan Telvock on lead reporting

In this episode of Investigative Postcast, Investigative Post’s environment reporter Dan Telvock discusses his award-winning coverage of Western New York’s lead poisoning problem, which has recently prompted the City of Buffalo to introduce new initiatives to combat the problem.

Telvock explains why lead poisoning poses such a threat to young children and why New York’s schools are now testing their water for lead, thanks to an emergency law passed earlier this year.

“In the past, they really didn’t do it on a regular basis. Our schools never were really aggressively testing for lead in any of the water sources in the schools,” he said.

Telvock also discusses why an older state initiative to end childhood lead poisoning by 2010 faltered. “It sort of became a forgotten issue,” Telvock said. “It seems like they thought their work was done but in fact they failed.”

You can hear more about Investigative Post’s reporting on this issue at our event on November 16 at 7 p.m. at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, located at 641 Delaware Ave. in Buffalo. Telvock will recap his work and moderate a panel discussion of experts, including Dr. Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech professor who helped uncover the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

You can find more information and buy tickets here.

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