Heaney offers his take on corruption trial

WGRZ anchor Maryalice Demler interviewed Jim Heaney on Friday regarding the Buffalo Billion corruption trial.

Heaney discussed what he found striking in the testimony thus far. For starters, he said testimony has established the degree to which state officials tried to cover their tracks. They used private emails – later deleting some of them – and messaging devices that destroyed text shorty after sending.

Also noteworthy, he said, was testimony about the placement of Cuomo operative Todd Howe in the economic development agency headed by Alain Kaloyeros. Heaney said Howe’s involvement raises all sorts of questions about the possible role of the governor’s office in what prosecutors have said is criminal activity in the awarding of state development contracts.

Earlier in the day, Susan Arbetter of The Capitol Pressroom interviewed Heaney about the trial. While he said he’s not in a position to determine whether the defendants are guilty as charged, Heaney said testimony has made it clear that state officials engaged in inappropriate, unethical behavior.