Spotlight reporter’s dismay over clerical abuse

Matt Carroll has something to say about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. And he said it Wednesday here in Buffalo.

He was a reporter on The Boston Globe Spotlight team that produced more than 600 stories on the topic in 2002-03. He and his colleagues won a Pulitzer Prize and were later the subject of the Academy Award winning film “Spotlight.”

Matt Carroll speaks at Investigative Post event.

Carroll spoke to an audience of about 140 on Wednesday at an event at 166 Chandler sponsored by Investigative Post. Attendees included many people involved in the effort to reform the Buffalo diocese.  Carroll answered questions from Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney and fielded questions from audience members.

Carroll expressed dismay that, 17 years after the Globe exposed the scandal in its backyard, bishops and cardinals across the country have continued to repeat the mistakes made by church leaders in Boston. That is, they cover up rather than come clean.

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He said the scandal in Buffalo is almost a carbon copy of what transpired in Boston.

“I can’t believe it’s happening again,” Carroll said during the interview. “The fact they’s covering it up is stunning.”

He outlined for the audience the steps necessary to address, and hopefully, resolve the problems here.

His appearance was captured on video by Investigative Post (at top of story) and the subject of new coverage by various media outlets (below).

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