Apr 2


Heaney talks jails and COVID-19 on WBEN

Prisons and jails are dangerous places for inmates and staff alike during the ongoing pandemic. Editor Jim Heaney discusses Investigative Post’s reporting on the topic on NewsRadio 930 WBEN, noting that there’s a fair number of people in county jails for non-violent misdemeanor offenses or low-level parole violations.

Heaney also spoke about Investigative Post’s most-recent story about how Western New Yorkers aren’t curtailing their travel as much as residents in most other communities in the face of the pandemic.

Heaney’s interview with Brian Mazurowski on “A New Morning” marks his first appearance since Investigative Post added WBEN to its distribution network. Heaney and other journalists from Investigative Post will appear on the station a couple of times a week to discuss their coverage of the COVID-19 crisis. Those interviews will be posted to Investigative Post’s website shortly airing on WBEN.



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