May 8


Gambini radio interviews on OTB story

Earlier this week, Phil Gambini reported that the Western Regional Off Track Betting Corp. has secured $3.2 million in federal funding intended to help small business weather the COVID-19 pandemic. The story also detailed how OTB chief Henry Wojtaszek has doubled his salary since starting with the organization, despite its uneven financial performance and ongoing investigations by federal and state authorities.

Here’s Phil’s interview with Jay Moran on WBFO.

Gambini also spoke with Susan Rose on  NewsRadio 930WBEN.

Over the past year-and-a-half, Investigative Post has exposed a number of questionable activities by OTB.

We first reported that OTB’s board members were receiving gold-plated health insurance that they didn’t appear to be entitled to, which was subsequently confirmed by the state comptroller and attorney general and attorneys retained by OTB to study the issue.

We’ve reported that OTB was doling out sports and concert tickets to friends and family members and later detailed the extravagant spending – how about $53 for a pizza or $40 for six-pack of beer?

Then there’s Wojtaszek’s conduct: His use of an OTB issued car and cell phone without proper reimbursement and the behavior of the organization he heads, stalling release of public records and retaliating against an employee who has cooperated with federal investigators.

It’s little wonder that OTB is the subject of an FBI investigation and an audit by the state comptroller.


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