Double your money with a donation to iPost

This is an important time of the year for nonprofits, as it’s when they raise a lot of money that helps sustain and grow their operations. So it is for Investigative Post, as well.

Donors who support us can be confident they’ll get a good bang for their buck. While we’re far from the largest news organization, our reporting has great impact.

Contributions of up to $1,000 made  by the end of the year are matched by a consortium that includes the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Try-It Distributing and NewsMatch, a collection of national foundations and media companies who support nonprofit journalism.

In other words, you’ll double your money if you donate by Dec. 31.

Investigative Post is coming off one of its most productive years. Our four reporters produced groundbreaking stories on crime and poverty in Buffalo, shenanigans during the race for mayor, a myriad of problems with city schools and wasteful corporate subsidies. 

Put another way, only by reading Investigative Post and watching our reports on WGRZ did Western New Yorkers learn that poor attendance in city schools involved not only students, but Superintendent Kriner Cash; that Buffalo has one of worst crime and poverty rates in the nation; that in exchange for building a facility in the middle of nowhere, state and local officials showered a company with subsidies worth $4 million per job; and how retiring politicians pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions when they leave office.

We plan to step up our award-winning coverage in 2022. We’ll add reporters and expand our beat coverage to include criminal justice. We also plan to redesign our website and add zip to our story packages. 

These improvements are dependent on the continued financial support of the community. We’re a nonprofit, after all, and reliant on donations from those who value the work we do and recognize the importance of journalism to a democratic society.

While we garner significant financial support from foundations, major donors and media partners, contributions from smaller donors add up and are essential to our sustainability. Our annual drive this year coincides with the homestretch of our Journalism Worth A Million campaign, which has helped to fund the growth we’ve enjoyed over the past year.

Supporters can donate online with a credit card, or with a check mailed to us at 487 Main St., Suite 300, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203.