Dec 12


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Our best story this year? You tell us in our annual reader poll.

We’ve been busy muckrakers this year. 

We added two reporters, started an education beat, reinstated our environmental beat, reinvigorated our economic development coverage and produced a lot of enterprise reporting on the mayor’s race.

As we do every year, we’re asking our readers to vote for their favorite Investigative Post story of 2021. Twelve stories are up for consideration:

  • Analysis of 911 calls finds requests for service in Buffalo have declined, save for a surge in traffic stops, primarily in minority neighborhoods. Link.
  • Deal to bring the first tenant to a rural industrial park in Genesee County involves subsidies that total $4 million per job. Link.
  • Crime has declined, but Buffalo remains one of the most violent cities in the nation. Link.
  • Attendance in Buffalo schools during the pandemic has been abysmal. Link
  • Popular local waterways are badly contaminated with bacteria. Link.  
  • Superintendent Kriner Cash is frequently absent from the Buffalo school district. Link.
  • Buffalo remains one of the poorest cities in the nation. Link
  • Erie County is home to a relatively high number of residents charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Link
  • City police respond more quickly to 911 calls in white neighborhoods. Link.
  • A large number of workers formerly employed at the West Valley Demonstration Project have been compensated by the federal government after being diagnosed with cancer. Link
  • A vacant industrial park in rural Genesee County has been funded in part with Buffalo Billion funds. Link
  • City Hall patronage employees rally in support of Byron Brown after he lost the Democratic primary. Link.

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