May 8


Monday Morning Read

This week's recommended reading includes the latest on Roswell Park's favorite Russian oligarch and a story from a new publication with a, um, heck of a name

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Roswell Park’s favorite Russian oligarch — and business partner — is trying hard to avoid sanctions.

The chain that owns The Buffalo News is catching heat for cutting newsroom jobs, although not here. Yet, anyway.

Ken Kruly has a smart read on redistricting, which is presently a mess.

Yet another study has found New York’s reformed bail laws have little to nothing to do with rising crime rates.

There’s a new nonprofit news organization covering New York City, Hell Gate. Gotta love the name. One of its first stories focused on the state’s highest court, which it finds out of step with the electorate.

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Home sales prices — here, there and everywhere — are overvalued and poised to drop over the next five years, at least in the hottest markets.

Good news and bad news on student learning in the United States. Test scores have improved over time, but there was a loss of learning due to the pandemic in some districts.

Does the pending reversal of Roe v Wade foretell efforts to reverse other rights, starting with those that protect the LGBT community? Oh, and about one of the legal minds Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito cites in his draft legal opinion: misogynist is too kind of a description. I mean, he was OK with husbands raping their wives and burning witches at the stake.

I’ve got to unfollow Elon Musk on Twitter. They guy never shuts up. Between him and the ads for online gambling, my Twitter feed is starting to resemble a spam folder