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Jim Heaney's recommended reading is led by a CNN report in which Bryon Brown tells the federal government to do as he says, not as he does.

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Byron Brown told CNN last week that the federal government needs to do more to help cities like Buffalo. Strange words coming from a mayor who has turned his back on the East Side during his 16 years in office, as documented by a study released last fall that detailed how Black neighborhoods have suffered in part because of the neglect of city government.

It looks like people in the Black community want to end the neglect, and by the looks of this story from WGRZ, they’re not waiting around for the politicians to act.

The New York Times did a good piece on Buffalo’s history of racism and segregation. Also on the surge of gun ownership in America.

Margaret Sullivan, writing for The Washington Post, says local news organizations need to pay more attention to racism in their communities.

NPR’s 1A aired an insightful package in the wake of the supermarket massacre.

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Brown took a small step towards fiscal responsibility in his proposed city budget. That is, he finally faced fiscal realities and proposed increasing property taxes and user fees. It made sense, given his refusal to do so most of his tenure in office and the red ink it helped produce. So what did the Common Council do? Scaled back the property tax increase and eliminated the hike in user fees. They did so in a vote Friday that appeared to violate the state’s Open Meetings Law because the Council didn’t post the revised budget documents 24 hours ahead of time. Bryon Brown … the Common Council … pick your poison.

Politico reports that Upstate New York is a hotbed for crypto mining, but perhaps not for long. And those celebrities who’ve been shilling for crypto currency are now experiencing blowback, The Times reports.

ProPublica reports that Mississippi, the state leading the charge against abortion rights, has a miserable track record helping parents care for their children once they’re born.

George Carlin has been dead 14 years, but he lives on in a new HBO documentary. NPR’s Fresh Air looked back on Carlin’s career and reviewed the documentary.