Jun 12


Monday Morning Read

Bills QB Josh Allen makes an average of $43 million a season. Does he really need to be doing business with gamblers?

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Reinvent Albany has a good rundown of the good and bad of the session’s final flurry. 

Among the bad: a $10 billion allocation, negotiated in the dark, to provide huge subsidies to the semiconductor industry. There’s good analysis here and here.

New York Focus has more, on Gov. Kathy Hochul’s slush funds and lack of transparency.

The state Legislature passed a two-year moratorium on cryptomining. Will Hochul sign or veto the measure? The industry has given big to her campaign and that of her running mate. So, too, has the nursing home industry, as revealed when the governor’s campaign finally started following disclosure laws.

Politico reports on business the Legislature didn’t take care of.

The local father-son who participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection got off with probation. What, treason is only a misdemeanor?

City of Good Neighbors. And racists.

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Bob McCarthy of The Buffalo News did some bang-up reporting on Carl Paladino’s follies last week, first regarding the Buffalo/Uvalde killings, then the Hitler talk.

Think cities are dangerous? Try living in the country.

Economists are telling Nashville a $1 billion subsidy for a new football stadium is a bad deal for taxpayers. Meanwhile, a think tank added up the subsidy tab for Nashville’s five pro sports teams — $1.8 billion — and concluded the money is not well spent. 

Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who makes $43 million a season, has gotten in bed with the DraftKings gambling company. We know this because of a story published last week by The Buffalo News, which had previously gotten in bed with the DraftKings gambling company. Ethics be damned.