Sep 11


Monday Morning Read

Public financing to build a new stadium for the Bills may have come at the expense of assistance to upgrade the downtown arena that's home to the Sabres

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Michael Petro of The Buffalo News wrote an informative story on the expected push by the Pegulas for public funding to renovate KeyBank Center. The building is long in the tooth and needs upgrading. The trouble is, after forking over $850 million to build a new stadium for the Bills, no public officials seem interested in subsidizing the Pegulas again. The couple hasn’t helped their case by running the Sabres into the ground since they bought the franchise. But with the team losing money as a result of dwindling attendance, further exacerbated by the pandemic, it’s unclear if the Pegulas will pony up for the necessary funding. Given their fleecing of the taxpayers over the stadium, and their strong-arming of Bills season ticket holders to pay for personal seat licenses, hockey fans have cause for concern over the long-term fate of their team in Buffalo.

The News also published a good story by my old reporting partner, Pat Lakamp, on the failure of Erie County government to make data available about houses contaminated with lead paint. It’s another example of local government failing the residents of the East Side.

The Albany Times Union reports that New York State spent $5 to $7.80 to buy Covid home test kits from most vendors. Except one, who sold the kits to the state for an average of $12.25 apiece, pocketing $637 million in the process. That vendor and his relatives happen to be major contributors to Gov. Kathy Hochul, having donated nearly $300,000 to her campaign.

Two stories from The New York Times of relevance to Buffalo, given its lack of lifeguards and abundance of poor people.

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California is doing something innovative about the decline of local news.

Open Secrets did the math and calculated that Donald Trump has raised more than $500 million from his supporters since losing the 2020 election.

The New Yorker took time out from mourning Queen Elizabeth to note just how awful the British Empire was.

Fifty-five fun facts about King Charles, courtesy of Politico. Fact 20: “On July 29, Charles and Diana married at St Paul’s Cathedral. They had only met 13 times beforehand.” No wonder the marriage didn’t last.

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