Oct 31


Monday Morning Read

A toxic industrial neighbor in Niagara Falls and the coming of Jerry Jones and what it might eventually mean for Sabres fans (not good)

ProPublica produced two stories on the former OxyChem plant in Niagara Falls that exposed workers and residents to asbestos – with dire health consequences. Our partners at WGRZ interviewed one of the ProPublica reporters who produced the stories.

Hang onto your wallets, Sabres fans, the Pegulas have retained the sports consulting firm owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and the SteinbreNners/New York Yankees to advise the team. For right now, it only involves advertising on jerseys, but you know it won’t stop there. The Cowboys and Yankees aren’t any good at winning championships anymore, but they have mastered the art of jacking up prices for fans.

Cleveland isn’t Buffalo – I mean, we don’t have a sex fiend for a quarterback like the Browns do – but the cities do have similarities. I’m guessing its crime and court scenes are roughly comparable. That’s why I found reporting by the Marshall Project to be of great interest. It analyzed the people who cycle in and out of Cleveland courts and found, among other things, that most defendants have a history of mental illness and/or substance abuse and face charges involving non-violent crimes. There is a lot to learn in the stories, found here and here.

Local governments are slowly getting with the times by synchronizing traffic signals, Michael Wooten reports for WGRZ.

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New York Focus reports that New York’s gas holiday didn’t really benefit state residents as much as others. “Nearly a third of the tax benefits are retained by fossil fuel companies … Another 22 percent are going to out-of-state residents, and 6 percent are going to New York’s richest 5 percent of households. That leaves just 42 percent of the tax benefits going to the remaining 95 percent of New Yorkers — the ostensible target of the subsidy.”

What? There might have been some waste and inefficiency involving the ArriveCan app?

Baltimore is doing some interesting things to address climate change.

Twitter was in trouble even before Elon Musk bought it.

Stevie Wonder broke new ground 50 years ago with “Talking Book,” the album that included “Superstition” and “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” The New York Times published a nifty, multi-media retrospective.

Investigative Post

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