Dec 5


Monday Morning Read

The more we known about the inner-workings of the Buffalo Police Department, the more we shake our heads

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Matt Spina and Charlie Specht followed up on our reporting, and theirs, with a story Sunday that delved into the testimony given by retired police supervisors who were deposed in a federal lawsuit against the city and Buffalo Police Department. It turns out the department improperly destroys records and then Commissioner Dan Derenda set an informal quota for arrests by the Strike Force unit.

Ken Kruly’s most recent column on his Politics and Other Stuff website included some startling numbers on gambling in New York State. For example, New Yorkers place an average of 5.7 million bets online each Sunday during the football season. That’s one bet for nearly every other adult in the state. Of course, a lot fewer are betting than that, as there are a lot of gamblers placing multiple bets during the course of games. But still.

The heat is on Gov. Kathy Hochul to improve transparency involving community advisory committees involved in economic development projects.

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Trouble in media-land. Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, is laying off still more journalists. So, too, is The Washington Post, although they’ve been doing a fair amount of hiring, too. Meanwhile, journalists at The New York Times are close to striking.

Wired has an insightful take on Twitter’s ongoing implosionThe Intercept, too. Want more? There’s this from Platform.

I know the Georgia Senate race isn’t local news. But this investigation by the Daily Beast into Herschel Walker is fascinating reading. The man belongs in a padded room, not the United States Senate.

Fresh Air featured two interesting interviews with Luke Harding of The Guardian talking about his reporting on he war in Ukraine, and Nobel Prize winning journalist Maria Ressa, author of a new book, How to Stand Up to a Dictator.

Neil Young’s Harvest is considered one of his best albums, if not the best, which is saying a lot given he’s released 42 of them over the span of his career. He’s now released a film, Harvest Time, that documents the making of the album, which is now in local theaters for a limited run. Here’s the trailer.

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