Dec 16


Podcast: Reporting on 149 Arkansas

I'Jaz Ja'ciel discusses her investigation into 149 Arkansas St., a House From Hell that has long been a headache for neighbors. Her reporting exposes a larger problem: City Hall's ineptitude in dealing with blighted properties.

The windows and doors of a West Side house are boarded up, debris scattered throughout the yard.

Inside, two individuals have died, their bodies left to decay.

The dilapidated house at 149 Arkansas St. has been the source of numerous calls to emergency personnel. Its owners have been hit with multiple housing code violations and thousands of dollars of unpaid summons.

Local residents have said the property’s owner, the Buffalo Police Department, and City Hall have skirted accountability.

In their stead, the residents of Arkansas Street are left to deal with the property’s effects, including the stench of a decaying corpse from inside.

Since September, Investigative Post’s I’Jaz Ja’ciel has followed the story of the house at 149 Arkansas on Buffalo’s West Side. Ja’ciel sat down with Garrett Looker, host of our podcast series, to discuss her reporting.

You can watch the interview via our YouTube channel or listen to it as a podcast.

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