Feb 19


Monday Morning Read

Mickey Kearns' gets caught spending $100,000 of taxpayer dollars on his re-election campaign. Plus, the rapidly escalating value of NFL franchises.

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Erie County Comptroller Mickey Kearns improperly spent over $100,000 of taxpayer funds to promote his re-election campaign last year, according to a report by Michael Wooten of WGRZ. He faces mega-fines for his transgressions. Kearns’ defense: ignorance of the law. This from a guy who is apparently preparing to run for county executive.

The toxic Tonawanda Coke site is being cleaned up in preparation of redevelopment. And what a mess there is to clean up.

The escalating price of NFL franchises: The Bills sold for $1.4 billion in 2014, the Carolina Panthers for 2.2 billion in 2018 and the Denver Broncos for $4.7 billion last year. How much are the Bills going to be worth in, say 10 years, when its stadium lease will be little more than a speed bump to a new owner wanting to relocate the team?

Oh, great, New York is effectively subsidizing a company that wants to be the Amazon of gun distributors.

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Court records released last week revealed that in private, the stars of Fox News disparaged Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen election while parroting his lies on camera. All for ratings, of course. What phonies.

How about Elon Musk putting 80 engineers on the job of tweaking algorithms so his tweets reach a larger audience? It seems he didn’t like his numbers during the Super Bowl. How messed up is Twitter otherwise? Dave Davies complained last week that his band’s tweets are being labeled “sensitive content.” The band: The Kinks.

Ron DeSantis might be the most dangerous man in America. Consider these stories from Nieman Lab and Vanity Fair.

Russia is holding 6,000 kidnapped Ukrainian children in reeducation camps and preparing them for adoption.

A consortium of investigative journalists published an explosive report that, in the words of The Guardian, exposed a team of contractors who have manipulated more than 30 elections around the world using hacking, sabotage and automated disinformation on social media.

Getting back to the Kinks, how about a song about lazing on a sunny afternoon?

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