Mar 5


Monday Morning Read

Topics include Kathy Hochul, Ron DeSantis and Yoko Ono.

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Gov. Kathy Hochul’s push to increase the state’s already generous tax credits for film and television production has generated a lot of controversy. The City, a nonprofit based in NYC, takes a look at the issue in a good piece of reporting. A second Hochul-supported subsidy, this one for horse racing at Belmont Park, is the subject of a New York Post story. Supporters say the proposed $455 million loan will pay off, while others contend it is good money after bad for a dying industry.

When a job as a state legislator is a secondary source of income, via New York Focus.

There will be another East Palestine. The question is where.

I’ve long thought Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio would make a good president. Looks like he’s in for a fight to just to hang onto his Senate seat.

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Big Brother has arrived at a growing number of sports venues.

Speaking of Big Brother, Ron DeSantis has taken steps in the hopes of controlling  Disney’s entertainment content and bloggers who cover him. A New York Times editorial assails the governor’s assault on free speech.

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Yoko Ono no longer lives in the Dakota. She’s frail, 90, and living at a farm in the Catskills she bought a long time ago with John Lennon. Sad.

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