Mar 30


Podcast: Buffalo’s Common Council candidates

Reporter's Notebook host Garrett Looker talks with reporter Geoff Kelly about the candidates running for Buffalo Common Council seats this year.
News and analysis by Geoff Kelly, Investigative Post's political reporter

One thing is certain: Buffalo’s Common Council will soon change.

Two members of the current Council — Council President Darius G. Pridgen of the Ellicott District and Masten District’s Ulysees O. Wingo — will not seek re-election. Several candidates are looking to fill those seats, gathering signatures to earn a spot in the June Democratic primary election.

There are other candidates looking to challenge Council incumbents, as well. Investigative Post’s Geoff Kelly took a closer look at the candidates and how Buffalo’s Common Council may change.

Kelly sat down with Garrett Looker, host of Reporter’s Notebook, to dive into who the candidates are and what they are running for. Here, Kelly touches on which races to keep an eye on, uphill battles, and the struggles of getting on the ballot.

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