May 22


Podcast: iPost reporting on Michael Joseph

Geoff Kelly discusses Investigative Post's reporting on Joseph in the wake of a lawsuit accusing his company of racist practices

Two weeks ago, Investigative Post’s Geoff Kelly reported on allegations of “racist and illegal practices” by one of the region’s biggest real estate development and management firms. In a federal lawsuit, a former employee accused the company of racially profiling communities where it was thinking of building senior housing complexes. 

Clover executives were caught on audio discussing the practice, using the code word “Canadians” to refer to Black people and “the Canadian factor” to describe the company’s reluctance to build in communities where the population was more than 20 percent Black.

We followed with a profile of Clover’s civically and politically engaged president, Michael Joseph, as well as a piece on whether his apparent move to Florida disqualified him from his long standing role as chair of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. J. Dale Shoemaker added a report on the millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies Clover has received over the years.

All this scrutiny led to Joseph’s resignation from Roswell’s board last week.

In this latest episode of Investigative Post’s Reporter’s Notebook, host Garrett Looker sat down with Kelly to discuss our reporting on Clover, Joseph’s subsequent fall from grace, and what other shoes are likely to drop in the coming weeks and months.

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