Sep 17


Monday Morning Read

Names in the news include Terry Pegula, Mark Poloncarz, Rocco Termini, Tony Masiello, Mitt Romney, Elon Musk and A-Rod (what a jerk).

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Did Terry Pegula really say Black players should go back to Africa if they don’t like things here? It depends who you ask. Related: I spotted a Tweet the other day that pictured a half-dozen Bills players taking a knee prior to a game a few seasons back. None of the players remain on the team. Hmmmmm.

OK, the efforts by a former girlfriend to embarrass Mark Poloncarz look suspect. But it’s not a good look for the county attorney to discourage the county ethics board from looking into allegations that Poloncarz tried to direct funds to another girlfriend’s nonprofit, especially when the county executive attempted to cut, not increase, the group’s allocation.

Ken Kruly did his homework on lobbyists and reports on what he learned. Among other tidbits: Tony Masiello’s firm is doing quite well.

Rocco Termini closed his Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood Avenue a little while back. Now, Buffalo Rising reports new owners are taking over his place on Chandler Street.

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I thought Mitt Romney was a weenie when he ran for president, less so after he was elected to the Senate and was one of the few Republicans willing to call out Donald Trump. Now he’s decided to step down at the end of his term. He’s telling all — or at least a lot — in a book excerpt published in The Atlantic.

The Supreme Court upended Roe v. Wade a year ago. The number of abortions has held steady, if not increased, since then.

The United States began winning the war on poverty. Then it quit trying. Politico explains.

Elon Musk is at it again: The free speech champion is again using Twitter to mess with a news outlet he doesn’t like, in this case, The New York Times.

This seems treasonous to me.

Read this detailed report from ESPN if you’ve forgotten what a jerk A-Rod is. Or you can cut to the chase with this piece from the New York Post. A-Rod makes Pete Rose look like a choir boy.

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