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Monday Morning Read

Canada's grim climate future. Buffalo, sitting on the border, could share in the misery. Plus, Mick Jagger looks back - and forward. Is the guy really 80?

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Buffalo is on the Canadian border. (Duh). The way things are going, Canada is going to get slammed by climate change, Maclean’s magazine reports.

By the 2070s we will be living in a fundamentally different climate than the one our country was built for. Cities across the country will begin to reach “climate departure”: a symbolic rubicon, after which a climate falls completely outside historical norms. Even the coldest year, going forward, will be hotter than the hottest in the past.

What does that say about our prospects, sitting right across the border?

Buffalo, take note: What cities can do to revive their downtowns. Writes The Conversation: “Traditional downtowns are dead, dying or on life support across the U.S. and elsewhere. Local governments and urban residents urgently need to consider what the post-pandemic city will look like.”

Also of note: Some big cities are reassessing their approach to progressive drug policies.

Jim Shultz penned a love letter to OTB boss Henry Wojtaszek and published it in the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal.

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Americans have had it with politics. Polling by the Pew Research Center found two-thirds are exhausted by it all. Partisan polarization has a lot to do with it.

David Cay Johnston puts Donald Trump’s latest legal setback into perspective:

Donald Trump is no longer in business. 

Worse, the self-proclaimed multibillionaire may soon be personally bankrupt as a result, stripped of just about everything because for years he engaged in calculated bank fraud and insurance fraud by inflating the value of his properties, a judge ruled Tuesday.

A New York State judge on Tuesday canceled all of the business licenses for the Trump Organization and its 500 or so subsidiary  companies and partnerships after finding that Trump used them to, along with his older two sons, commit fraud.

It’s well established that fracking is bad for the environment. In some places, it’s a downright disaster for the aquifer and the people who depend on it.

Bad news: Librarians in public schools in Charlotte County, Florida, were ordered to remove all books with LGBTQ characters or themes. Good news: California has banned such bans.

The folly in Republican efforts to slash funding for the IRS: Nearly 1,000 millionaires failed to file tax returns between 2017 and 2020. But the GOP keeps trying to advance the interests of the rich, its populism notwithstanding.

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On the stadium and arena front:

Martin Baron reflects on his tenure as editor of The Washington Post. One of the last of the great newspaper editors. He previously edited The Boston Globe when its Spotlight team exposed pedophile Catholic priests, triggering a national, even international scandal.

Nakita Zadorov. Who? A former No. 1 draft pick of the Sabres. I liked the way he played – a big hitter. Traded away in 2015, now playing in Calgary. While most Russians playing in the NHL have kept silent about the motherland’s assault on Ukraine, Zadoroz has voiced his opposition to the war. “Instead of raising the new generation [of Russians], we sent them to die,” he said. By contrast, the Instagram profile photo of Russian superstar Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals features a photo of him with Vladimir Putin.

The Rolling Stones have a new album coming out, so Mick Jagger is on a publicity blitz. I found this interview interesting. Jagger comes off as vibrant for an 80-year-old guy – or someone of any age, actually.

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