Nov 19


Monday Morning Read

The JFK assassination 60 years on: from a city of hate, to a state of hate, to a nation of hate.

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John F. Kennedy was assassinated 60 years ago this week. It earned Dallas the moniker of “City of Hate.” One could argue the cancer has spread to the entire state of Texas under Gov. Greg Abbott – and beyond.

Writes the Guardian:

Six decades later, the city has grown beyond recognition and come a long way in grappling with that legacy. But the forces that turned Dealey Plaza into a white hot crucible are arguably more prevalent than ever. 

A 24-hour news cycle; gun violence; casual accusations of treason; rightwing extremism and Confederate flags; conspiracy theories and distrust of authority – all are part of the story of the Kennedy assassination and, perhaps more than when the 40th or 50th anniversaries were commemorated, all are newly resonant today.

“The political climate now is like the closed-minded climate that was in Dallas at the time of the assassination where people believe what they believe,” said Carolyn Barta, 84, a veteran journalist born and raised in Dallas. “‘If you didn’t believe that, you were wrong and I’m not considering your opinion or how you see things.’ It’s the same sort of condition that is now prevalent in the country and it’s frightening.”

Mayor Byron Brown is making louder noises about seeking the congressional seat being vacated by Brian Higgins. I don’t see the leadership of the Erie County Democratic Party giving him the nod. He certainly doesn’t deserve it.

Sandy Tan of The Buffalo News did some solid reporting last week on the state of Erie County finances. Expenses are likely to outpace revenues in a couple of years. Overtime is through the roof at the sheriff’s department. And activists are upset at a proposed $31 million increase in the sheriff’s budget.

Ken Kruly, in his Politics and Other Stuff, recaps the recent election and looks ahead to 2024.

Industrial development agencies across the state have found another industry to shower with tax breaks: wind and solar power. A report from New York Focus.

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Newspapers continue to die off at an alarming rate: a story and the report it was based on. Also, an excerpt from a forthcoming book that details the role of hedge funds in the carnage.

The Supreme Court has adopted an ethics code. Some argue it’s toothless.

What Trump has planned if elected:

In short, a dictatorship.

The damage done by AR-15s does not make for a pretty picture. The Washington Post has published those pictures.

We all tip service workers. What do we think about it?

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