Dec 25


Monday Morning Read

Jim Heaney's recommended reading for this week focuses on media: local, national and social.

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Christmas has been effectively cancelled in Bethlehem.

Alden Global Capital is the worst of the worst chain owners of newspapers. Here’s what they’ve done to the paper in Joe Biden’s hometown since buying it, and here’s what they’re doing to Greyhound bus stations. Yeah, there’s a connection.

Lee Enterprises – owner of The Buffalo News, or what’s left of it – reported a disappointing year. The past five years haven’t been so hot, either

The current issue of The Nation, much of it focused on the media, is especially good. I found this piece on rebuilding local media particularly relevant.

The Pew Research Center reported on the online platforms used most frequently by teen-agers. It’s not on Facebook or Twitter. Rather, YouTube – one in five said they’re on it almost constantly – and TikTok. Other favorites include Snapchat and Instagram.

Do cell phones make teen-agers stupid? Maybe. (Social media probably doesn’t help.)

I don’t know what to make of this list of the most-read news stories, as measured by minutes of engagement, but I’ll share it anyway. The death of actor Matthew Perry topped the list. Damar Hamlin landed at No. 5. 

The best books of 2023? This list from The New Yorker seems pretty good.

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Field of Schemes, which covers subsidized sports facilities, is always a hoot. Read the latest from Neil deMause.

Tax breaks granted developers are haunting New York City’s budget. They’re hurting many school districts, too, as we reported in May.

New York State is continuing to hemorrhage people.

Remember those stories about out-of-control shoplifting? It turns out they were bunk.

It’s hard to believe, but the minimum wage in 20 states is still $7.25 an hour. Mostly in the post-Confederacy South.

It’s Christmas. Happy, happy everyone. And now, my second-most-favorite Christmas song. Hit it, Ray.

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