Jan 29


Monday Morning Read

You'd never know we have a thriving arts and culture scene by reading Gusto section of The Buffalo News on Sunday. But read this piece and you'll learn how top-heavy the Buffalo Bills payroll is.

The bad news keeps coming for legacy media. A growing number of newspapers are shuttering their Washington bureaus. (Jerry Zremsky of The Buffalo News is only part-time.) Industry layoffs have reached “bloodbath” levels. And disgruntled newsroom staffs are staging walkouts left and right.

Things aren’t so hot at Lee Enterprises either. You know, the chain overseeing the dismantling of The Buffalo News. The latest exhibit came in Sunday’s paper. The Gusto section included 13 stories and other blocks of content. The only one dealing with Buffalo was a TV column by Alan Pergament. The rest was all canned wire copy, including a feature from the Sioux City Journal. What, we have no arts and culture in Buffalo?

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Tesla is going to locate a $500 million supercomputer at its plant in South Buffalo. The announcement makes no mention of government subsidies. Not yet, anyway.

Who is the winner when the government hands out huge economic development subsidies? The companies receiving them and the politicians who dole them out.

You won’t believe the books inmates in New York state prisons are not not allowed to read.

Most jailhouse lawyers are their own worst enemies. Not this guy


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Andrew Cuomo and his cronies keep whining about investigations into his predatory actions as governor.

Politico sees trouble ahead for Donald Trump: “There’s a whole swath of the Republican electorate and a good chunk of independents who appear firmly committed to not voting for him in November if he becomes the nominee.” 

Jon Stewart is returning to the Daily Show for the upcoming election season. I don’t watch much television, but his appearances for me will be Must See TV.

The Buffalo Bills are $53.5 million over the salary cap for the upcoming season. Their  roster is one of halves and have-nots, at least by NFL standards. Josh Allen, Stefan Diggs and Von Miller account for 40 percent of the team’s projected payroll. The 26 players at the bottom of the pay scale collectively account for 11 percent of salaries.


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