May 31


Buff State has rock bottom graduation rates

Buffalo State has the lowest graduation rate among 20 schools surveyed. Only a quarter graduate in four years and fewer than half in six. University at Buffalo's rate is substantially higher and about average for the SUNY schools.

We pulled graduation rates for SUNY's 20 universities and four-year comprehensive colleges with campuses, using full-time students who entered as freshmen in 2013. (We wanted to avoid the pandemic years.) The average four-year graduation rate was 55 percent. By six years, the average graduation rate was 68 percent.

Buffalo State had the lowest four-year graduation rate, 28 percent. It also had the lowest five-year and six-year rates. UB 's four-year graduation rate was in the mid-range, and a few points higher in the five and six-year categories. Geneseo had one of the highest graduation rates among the 20 SUNY schools.

Five -year rates includes those who graduated in four as well as five years. Six- year rates total those who graduated in four, five and six years.

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