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Financial Transparency Policy

Here at Investigative Post, we believe in transparency – for ourselves, as well as those we cover.

Below you’ll find frequently asked questions on the financial aspects of our operation, including how we handle donations. Contact us if you have a question that’s not addressed.

What is Investigative Post?

We’re a nonprofit investigative reporting center focused on issues of importance to Buffalo and Western New York. We’re one of about 100 nonprofit news organizations in the nation.

How does Investigative Post fund its operation?

Through a combination of donations and the sale of content to media partners.

Our major philanthropic funders include foundations, individuals and companies who recognize the value of watchdog journalism.

Media partners who purchase our content include WGRZ TV, WBFO FM and Buffalo Spree.

Do you disclose the names of your donors?

Yes; we do not accept anonymous donations. We believe it is essential that readers know who is providing the funds that pay for our operation.

The Institute for Nonprofit News, the trade organization we belong to, requires its members to disclose donations of $1,000 or more. We’ve taken it a step further with this thought in mind: New York State election law requires politicians to disclose donations of $50 or more. Given that Investigative Post is in business partly to hold politicians accountable, we think it’s important that we’re as transparent as candidates when it comes to disclosing our donors. In fact, we’ve gone a step further: not one dime goes unreported.

We list donations of $1,000 or more on our website.

Do you accept anyone as a donor?

No. We do not accept donations from political parties, special interest groups or others whose donations would raise legitimate questions about the independence and integrity of our coverage.

What influence do your donors have on the stories you write?

None. Neither donors nor anyone else outside our newsroom assigns, writes or edits our content.

We’re happy to take news tips from a donor, as we do any member of the public, but that’s as far as it goes. Such tips are rare.

Donors do not buy immunity from coverage, nor the right to ask Investigative Post to “call off the dogs” – or, in our case, watchdogs.

Members of the Investigative Post board of directors are not apprised of stories before they publish or broadcast.

So what’s in it for donors?

Of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping to build a vital community institution that provides Buffalo and Western New York with watchdog journalism.

But your donation also provides an inside perspective on what’s happening in Western New York and why. Whether you’re taking advantage of discounted tickets to our event series or accessing our weekly newsletter, you’ll always be in the know.

For those giving $1,000 or more, you’ll receive an autographed copy of a limited edition cartoon drawn exclusively for Investigative Post by Tom Toles.

How can I donate?

Donations can be made with a credit card online or by writing a check made out to Investigative Post Inc. and mailing it to us at 487 Main St., Site 300, Buffalo, NY 14203.

You can support us by making a one-time donation or purchasing an annual membership. We encourage sustaining donations—ongoing, automatic contributions through secure monthly payments—because sustaining members provide dependable funding and reduce administration costs.

Are donations tax-deductable?

Yes. Investigative Post is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. As such, contributions by U.S. taxpayers are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.