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More than 175 health-care workers have virus

 Updated at 5:14 p.m. At least 176 doctors, nurses and other health-care workers at the region’s three largest health-care providers have tested positive for COVID-19.  That’s more than 10 percent of the total confirmed cases in Erie and Niagara counties. Kaleida Health, the region’s largest health-care provider, has reported the most infections, 103, as […]


COVID-19: Transit, airport use tumbles

As one might expect, the COVID-19 shutdown has dramatically cut the number of people traveling by air and public transit. Indeed, the numbers are stark. Just a month ago, 6,000 to 7,000 passengers flew in and out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport each day. Now, it’s fewer than 1,000, according to figures provided by the […]


Kelly: COVID-19 a “body blow” to hospitals

Geoff Kelly reported Friday that the pandemic has drained hospitals of revenues while driving up costs. Medical practices both big and small are also hurting financially. Listen to his interview Monday morning with Susan Rose on WBEN.  


Health care providers hemorrhaging money

Western New York’s hospitals were in dire financial shape coming into 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic  — with the attendant costs in equipment, staffing and, perhaps most damagingly, lost revenue — is going to compound their problems.  “It’s going to be ugly,” Kaleida spokesman Michael Hughes told Investigative Post in an email. It’s not just hospitals […]


COVID-19 adds to plight of the homeless

These are especially difficult days — and nights — for the homeless of Western New York. They share the same fears about COVID-19 as do those comfortably cloistered in their houses and apartments. But they also have fewer options as to where to bed for the night, as some shelters have closed and others have […]


COVID-19 expected to worsen Buffalo finances

The coronavirus, and the attendant slowdown of the local economy, could not arrive at a worse time for the City of Buffalo’s finances. The likely decline in county sales tax — Buffalo’s share of which is a critical portion of the city’s budget — could contribute to a deficit when the fiscal year ends June […]


Coronavirus throws electioneering for a loop

On Saturday, as part of the state government’s efforts to suppress the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo used his emergency powers to curtail the petitioning process for candidates aiming to make the ballot in the state’s June primaries. By executive order, that process — traditionally a door-to-door, face-to-face affair performed by a candidate […]


Lead poisoning plan missing key elements

In January, the City of Buffalo launched its long-awaited pilot program to combat lead poisoning. The pilot program is small — much smaller than the problem in Buffalo, which has one of the highest rates of children afflicted with lead poisoning in the nation.  And, as it stands now, the program lacks funding mechanisms to […]