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Kelly talks political donations on WBEN

By law, most elected officials are entitled to keep the money in their campaign treasuries when they retire. Investigative Post, in our latest Money In Politics, tracked the funds retained by 10 retired lawmakers who, between them, have more than $2 million in the bank. Geoff Kelly discussed our findings in an interview Thursday on […]


Brown a formidable, yet vulnerable candidate

Since 2005, Mayor Byron Brown has raised and spent more than $5 million to win and hold the mayor’s office.  He spent $1.4 million to fend off Bernie Tolbert, his Democratic primary challenger in 2013. Four years later, he spent another $1 million in his primary race against then Comptroller Mark Schroeder. As of July, […]


Kelly discusses HarpData on WBEN

Since the spring, Geoff Kelly has been reporting on HarpData, the troubled tech firm awarded a contract to provide wi-fi access to thousands of Buffalo school students. On Thursday, he reported the company is going out of business, the wi-fi project unfinished. He discussed the saga Friday on NewsRadio 930WBEN.  


Kelly discusses police spending on WBEN

Geoff Kelley reported earlier this week that Buffalo’s spending on police has skyrocketed under Byron Brown while funding for most other city services has shrunk when inflation is factored in. He discussed the story Friday with Brian Mazurowski on NewsRadio 930WBEN. Give a listen.  


Heaney discusses economy on WBEN

Jim Heaney discusses his story on the state of the Buffalo Niagara economy with Susan Rose and Brian Mazurowski on NewsRadio 930WBEN. Bottom line: fewer people are employed here than in 30 years and our recovery has slowed.


Heaney talks campaign donations on WBEN

Investigative Post reported earlier this week on major contributions to the major campaign committees funding Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. (Trump report here, Biden here.) David Bellavia interviewed Jim Heaney about our coverage Friday morning on NewsRadio 930WBEN. Give a listen.  


Kelly discusses Delong transfer on WBEN

Lt. Michael Delong, under suspension for his vile, misogynist insult of a West Side woman this summer, wants a transfer to head up police units that investigate sex crimes or trains rookie cops. Geoff Kelly discusses the story on NewsRadio 930WBEN.


Notorious lieutenant wants a new assignment

 Lieutenant Michael DeLong, suspended for calling a woman a vile name outside of a West Side convenience store this summer, wants a transfer from his command position in the city’s downtown police precinct. One of his two preferences is an assignment to a command position with the unit that investigates sex crimes, where the […]