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DEC idling on enforcement

Diesel fumes permeate the air near the gate to the Peace Bridge Duty Free store as nearby trucks idle in traffic and parking lots. The idling trucks are a sore spot for residents of the West Side that borders the bridge and its plaza on the American side. Diesel fumes contribute to air pollution believed […]


Election night analysis

Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney and WGRZ reporter Aaron Saykin will provide election night results and analysis starting at 8:30 p.m. via a live webcast on We’ll focus on local races, including the Congressional race pitting Kathy Hochul and Chris Collins, and the state Senate contest involving Mark Grisanti, Mike Amodeo and Chuck Swanick.


City schools fail at recycling

Buffalo’s public school system’s recycling efforts are even less ambitious than those of the city. Most schools aren’t even recycling bottles and cans, and the ones that do are only recycling paper and cardboard on a regular basis. “Most schools are not recycling,” said Andy Goldstein, the city’s former recycling coordinator said last month on […]


Q&A: Muckraker David Cay Johnston

While the term is little used these days, David Cay Johnston might be best described as a muckraker for his work as an investigative reporter producing both award-winning newspaper stories and best-selling books. Salon in 2004 said Johnston “has cultivated a reputation for being the kind of reporter unafraid to speak truth to power. He […]


Hochul-Collins TV buys – $4M and counting

iPost analysis of television ad buys in Buffalo and Rochester shows spending of nearly $4 million, with 10 days left in the race. Collins in outspending Hochul thanks to PAC support. And the number of spots are, well, mind blowing.


Q&A: Larry Quinn

Larry Quinn, once a boy wonder, turned 60 earlier this year. He’s a couple of years removed by his tenure as managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres and membership on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. During his carrer, he served as development commissioner under Mayor Jimmy Griffin and later oversaw the construction of what […]


When writing in Buffalo was dangerous business

Paul Krehbiel reflects on the underground press in Buffalo during the Vietnam war.


Q&A: Underground press pioneer Paul Krehbiel

Paul Krehbiel is one of the pioneers of Buffalo’s alternative media. As a student at the University at Buffalo in the late 1960s, he helped found New Age, one of the city’s first “underground” newspapers. The paper was founded at the height of the Vietnam War, a time when Krehbiel and his collaborators at New […]