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DataBank: Cross-border bridge traffic

Facts & figures on traversing the bridges linking Canada and the United States in the Buffalo Niagara region.


DataBank: Housing Court fines by the numbers

A look at the numbers behind Investigative Post’s explosive expose this week on the unwillingness of delinquent property owners to pay $22 million in Housing Court fines since 2006 and the failure of City Hall to collect those debts.            


DataBank: WNY’s richest, poorest communities

Think the city’s East Side is the most impoverished section of Buffalo? Think again. Poverty is even worse on the West Side. And Niagara Falls has its share, too. iPost unveils DataBank, a new weekly feature that tracks key issues by the numbers.


Sabres fans get poor return on investment

It turns out Joe Friday is a hockey fan. Who woulda thunk it, Joe being from Los Angeles and all. Detective Friday realizes that while Terry Pegula owns the Buffalo Sabres, the team’s fan base pays the bills. What kind of return on investment did they get this season? When you consider the Sabres ranked […]


Older but wiser, or at least better educated

After a couple of editions about political contributions, we decided to mix things up a bit, so Joe Friday this week deals with the change in population characteristics in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area between 2000 and 2010, according to the Census. Two trends jump out: The drop off in population is most pronounced among […]


The Maziarz money machine

George Maziarz is probably Western New York’s most powerful state legislator. The Newfane Republican represents the 62nd District, which includes all of Niagara County outside the City of Niagara Falls, Orleans County and the western portion of Monroe County. He has served in the Senate since 1995  and is currently chairman of the Energy and […]


Hormoz Mansouri’s political contributions

Our second installment of Joe Friday involves the campaign contributions of Hormoz Mansouri, regarded as one of the largest financial backers of local and state politicians, including those in league with veteran political operative Steve Pigeon. Joe Friday tracked his contributions from 2005 to January of this year. Mansouri made a vast majority of contributions […]


Hydrofracking contributions to state pols

Our first installment of Joe Friday involves contributions made to political candidates and parties by companies with a vested interest in New York State opening up the Marcellus Shale to drilling for natural gas through a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing. A Common Cause recently released a study that tracked contributions from 2007 to October […]