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Byron Brown’s bridge over troubled water

Momentum is building to do something with the Outer Harbor and just days after a group of  community activists called for developing its 120 acres into a park Mayor Byron Brown make a pitch for City Hall to play a role, perhaps a big one. The Outer Harbor is state land, controlled by the Niagara […]


Notes on the news

My take on recent developments: There’s a movement afoot to redevelop the outer harbor into a park. Doing so would give Western New Yorkers a grand 120 acre playground in the summer – and a 120 acre wasteland in the winter, and a good part of the spring and fall, too. Should a good chunk […]


Is Apple rotten to the core?

The New York Times on Sunday published yet another damning investigation on the business practices of Apple. Among the key findings: Apple has exploited the tax code, both here and aboard. According to The Times: Apple’s headquarters are in Cupertino, Calif. By putting an office in Reno, just 200 miles away, to collect and invest […]


Buffalo will have to wait

We’re No. 51 The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require the four major television networks and TV stations in the 50 largest markets to report details on political advertising that will be posted in the FCC website. Buffalo-Niagara Falls turns out to be the 51st largest market, meaning stations in WNY are among 160 […]


Check out the fact checkers

Lying has become rampant in public life. In politics, it’s called “spin.” In business, “public relations.” In sports, “upper body injury.” Well, not exactly, but you get the drift. The propensity of the press to produce “he said, she said” stories and otherwise give disproportionate coverage to the loudest voices in the room regardless of […]


Investigative Post, WGRZ announce partnership

Investigative Post is joining forces with WGRZ 2 On Your Side to form a ground-breaking partnership in the Buffalo market. WGRZ has contracted with Investigative Post to co-produce investigations, interviews and other news programming that focus on the problems confronting Buffalo and Western New York. “Investigative reporting is especially important in a troubled town like […]


Bribery and coverup at Walmart

Walmart’s history is punctuated with repeated allegations of predatory and anti-labor business practices. Add corruption to the list. An investigation published Sunday by The New York Times reports the retail giant engaged in systemic bribery to gain a foothold in Mexico and that corporate executives covered up the corruption when it was brought to their […]


Agent provocateur for our times

Julian Assange resurfaces The WikiLeaks founder, still under house arrest despite not being charged with a crime, has launched a television interview program called The World Tomorrow.  That prompted The New York Times to take another shot at Assange, while Salon’s Glenn Greenwald rose to his defense. Judge for yourself. Here is the first show, […]