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State and local subsidies to business – just state and local, not federal – now cost a family of four $900 a year. That is more than a week’s take home pay for the average income family of four in America. -- David Cay Johnston


Nearly $4M spent on 7,800 commercials

    Kathy Hochul and Chris Collins will spend more than $4 million on television advertising this campaign season to win a job that pays $174,000 a year. But it’s not really about the pay, it’s about control of Congress, which Democrats are trying to wrestle back from the Republicans after losing it two years […]


Man O’ Trouble

The snail’s pace construction of a linear park up the spine of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is a standing joke between the owner and patrons of Ulrich’s Tavern on Ellicott Street. “We have an over and under if it would get done before the 2016 Olympics,” said owner Jim Daley, whose tavern provides a […]


Another politician who isn’t paying his taxes

An elected official in the Town of Alden hasn’t paid his property taxes in more than five years and is in peril of losing his home to foreclosure. Carl E. Fix, highway superintendent for the town, and his wife, Ann, own a home and adjoining vacant lot on Broadway with an assessed value of $72,100. […]


iPost hosting panel on investigative reporting

The economic decline of mainstream news outlets has lead to major cost cutting at newspapers and television stations, limiting their capacity to produce investigative reporting that is vital to our democracy. Yet advances in technology and research provide reporters more tools than ever to produce and distribute their work. Against this backdrop, Investigative Post, a […]


Concerns of a moderate Republican

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs talk politics, downtown development, water authority shenanigans and lease negotiations with the Buffalo Bills.


Jim Heaney talks newspaper paywalls

WBEN Radio 930 interviewed the iPost editor Wednesday about the economics of the newspaper industry as The Buffalo News prepares to start charging for online content.

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“Business reasons” cited for not paying taxes