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Cuomo interfering with Moreland Commission

“Gov. Cuomo has moved to grab greater control of the anti-corruption commission he vowed would be independent when he created it in July,” the New York Daily News reports.


Buffalo’s disappearing Democrats

Four years ago, Mickey Kearns lost the Democratic primary for mayor in a landslide. He garnered 14,866 votes. Earlier this month, Byron Brown won the Democratic primary for mayor in a landslide. He received 14,433 votes. In other words, more people voted for Kearns four years ago than for Brown this year. That’s what happens […]


Public misled on air quality after 9/11 attacks

The Environmental Protection Agency and the White House Council on Environmental Quality altered reports and made blanket statements that lacked sufficient data and analysis. A report from The Center for Public Integrity.


When you cross the Peace Bridge …

The U.S. government, acting mostly in secret, has imposed rules that effectively suspend Constitutional protections against unwarranted searches and seizures at border crossings. A report from The New York Times.


Clean air rules help revive forestland

Environmental News Network reports that the Clean Air Act’s regulations combating acid rain have brought life back to forestland in the Central Appalachian Mountain in West Virginia. Researchers chose this area because it is downwind from Ohio River Valley coal plants.


Taxpayers on hook in NFL concussion settlement

Lost in the coverage of the deal between retired players and the National Football League: Taxpayers will underwrite the cost of providing a portion of the care of damaged players. An assessment from the Columbia Journalism Review.


Sustainable cities

New York and San Francisco are among 10 cities internationally that are plotting a sustainable future. Strategies involve transit, recycling and energy efficiency. A report from Fast Company.


Corwin ranks among wealthiest NY lawmakers

Jane Corwin, the Clarence Republican who represents mostly rural portions of Erie and Niagara counties in the Assembly, enjoys the highest net worth and second highest annual household income of any state legislator. A report from New York World, based on a study done by a range of good government groups.