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Trash is worth something

The New York Times Green blog has an interesting story about what a market in Mexico City does to increase recycling efforts. Here’s a snippet of the blog post: Part bottle depot, part farmers’ market, part family outing, the Mercado de Trueque, or barter market, promotes recycling in a region with serious waste management and water […]


Recycling lessons from San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t just a world champion in major league baseball. The City by the Bay’s recycling program is also world class. San Francisco has tripled its recycling rate since 1996 to about 78 percent. It’s one of the highest recycling rates in the nation and light years ahead of Buffalo’s, which fluctuates in the […]


City schools fail at recycling

Buffalo’s public school system’s recycling efforts are even less ambitious than those of the city. Most schools aren’t even recycling bottles and cans, and the ones that do are only recycling paper and cardboard on a regular basis. “Most schools are not recycling,” said Andy Goldstein, the city’s former recycling coordinator said last month on […]


Recycling: City Hall’s bin is less than half full

Editor’s note: This is a three-part series. Today’s story examines the city’s recycling program. Friday’s report, which will also be the subject of coverage on WGRZ, looks at recycling efforts in the city’s public schools.  On Monday, we look at the wildly success recycling program in San Francisco. City Hall’s halfhearted efforts to increase its […]


Global warming not a hot topic at debates

Maybe you can blame it on the moderators, but for the first time since 1988 neither of the presidential candidates said a word about global warming and neither did their vice-presidential counterparts during the debates. Even Sarah Palin acknowledged global warming in her 2008 debate with VP Joe Biden. In his debate with Obama in […]


State and local subsidies to business – just state and local, not federal – now cost a family of four $900 a year. That is more than a week’s take home pay for the average income family of four in America. -- David Cay Johnston


Nearly $4M spent on 7,800 commercials

    Kathy Hochul and Chris Collins will spend more than $4 million on television advertising this campaign season to win a job that pays $174,000 a year. But it’s not really about the pay, it’s about control of Congress, which Democrats are trying to wrestle back from the Republicans after losing it two years […]


Man O’ Trouble

The snail’s pace construction of a linear park up the spine of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is a standing joke between the owner and patrons of Ulrich’s Tavern on Ellicott Street. “We have an over and under if it would get done before the 2016 Olympics,” said owner Jim Daley, whose tavern provides a […]