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Sordid details on City Hall firing

By Jim Heaney / Investigative Post City Hall’s top fiscal watchdog was fired by Comptroller Mark Schroeder Thursday  under sordid  circumstances. Darryl McPherson said his departure was based on professional disagreements with his boss. But Schroeder said he fired his chief auditor  shortly after he received a complaint about incidents involving inappropriate conduct by McPherson. […]


City’s audit chief abruptly fired

By Jim Heaney / Investigative Post Comptroller Mark Schroeder fired the city’s chief auditor this afternoon for undisclosed reasons and ordered him to leave City Hall immediately. Schroeder said he fired Darryl McPherson over an incident, rather than his work performance, but declined to go into details. McPherson, who served as chief auditor since 2007, […]


Heaney interview on 103.3, The Edge

iPost editor discusses his story on unpaid Housing Court fines with Shredd & Ragan.

Press play button to hear audio content:


Who is stiffing Housing Court?

Investigative Post identifies the biggest scofflaws who have failed to pay fines and why the court came down so heavy in the first place. Featured Thursday on WGRZ.


City Hall forgoes millions in housing fines

By Jim Heaney / Investigative Post You can’t get away without paying your property taxes or garbage fee or even a parking ticket without City Hall coming after you. Letting your property go to seed is another matter. Judges in City Housing Court have imposed more than $22 million in fines since 2006 against some […]


Feds find aiding city is risky business

Federal housing officials are tightening the screws on City Hall over its chronic mismanagement of anti-poverty funds. A series of critical reports and audits have documented problems dating back to the Griffin-era, but meaningful sanctions to this point have been few and far between. But the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is now […]


Complete Lenihan interview

Erie County Democratic Party chairman discusses his plans, upcoming elections and how long it’s been since he and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have spoken.


Have a question for Mark Poloncarz?

Investigative Post Editor Jim Heaney is interviewing Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Wednesday for a segment that will air Sunday on WGRZ’s Daybreak. If you have a question you’d like Heaney to consider posing, e-mail him or post a comment below by 1:30 p.m. today.